Are you ready to revolutionize your career in the beauty and wellness industry? The iD Hair Loss BTC™ presents a game-changing opportunity that's not just for anyone – it's for those who dare to transcend their current limitations.

In a world where the beauty industry is constantly evolving, complacency is not an option. The iD Hair Loss BTC™ stands as a beacon of innovation, a realm of possibilities that's waiting for those who are ready to seize the future. This isn't an opportunity for everyone; it's an invitation for the visionaries, the forward-thinkers, and those who understand that to reach the pinnacle of success, you must be willing to transform and adapt.

Here, we challenge the status quo. We push the boundaries of what's possible in the beauty and wellness industry.

We inspire you to transcend your comfort zone, to step out of your role as just another beautypro and become the CEO of your destiny. We believe that the CEO mindset is the cornerstone of your success, and it's time to unleash it.

Are you ready to witness your career soar to new heights? The iD Hair Loss BTC™ offers you the tools, knowledge, and insights you need to rise above the competition, to become not just a cosmetologist or barber but a trichological mastermind. This is your chance to leave mediocrity behind and join the ranks of those who are shaping the future of beauty.



19 - 23 Oct 2024

WARNING: Taking this course will instantly change the trajectory of your business and launch you into the company of elite beautypreneurs.

If you're a cosmetologist or a barber, looking to ascend beyond your chair, this intensive 5-day trichological training is your ultimate ticket to the top. It's for those who recognize that they need to don the hat of the CEO while maintaining their prowess as an artist. This event is for those ready to bridge the gap between who they are and who they aspire to be.

For The Visionaries:

This event is not for the faint-hearted or those who settle for the status quo. It's for those who see opportunities where others see obstacles. If you hold a bold vision for your beauty career and are eager to establish a higher standard, rather than conforming to an industry that, let's face it, often attempts to undermine the blood, sweat, and tears we've poured into our success, then this program has been meticulously crafted with you in mind. 

Don the CEO Hat: 

Have you awakened to the stark truth that your business is lacking its CEO, and instead, it's been a worker masquerading as the decision-maker? The stagnant waters your business is drifting in are a direct consequence of having a worker at the helm of the ship. As the CEO, it's your duty to decode the numbers, fortify the brand, engineer new revenue streams, orchestrate a dynamic brand strategy, and so much more.

Even if you're a one-person show, it's all about stepping up as the commanding CEO, not just the grunt worker.

The issue at hand? You're confined to a worker's mindset while trying to execute decisions befitting a CEO, and this is the anchor that's keeping your business from reaching its full potential. It's high time you shed the worker's skin, embrace the action of a true CEO, and you'll shatter the shackles of your current limitations, propelling your business toward a future of growth and success.

Bridging the Gap: 

Every day, there's a disconnect between who you are and who you aspire to be. You have the potential, the creativity, and the drive, but there's often a gap in translating those dreams into reality. The iD Hair Loss BTC™ incubator serves as a bridge between your aspirations and your accomplishments. It empowers you with the knowledge and skills to move confidently towards the future you desire.

In a world overrun by empty social media facades and the mere echo of success, we're here to declare loud and clear: this is not an experience for the wishful thinkers. It's a realm reserved for the bold and determined, those who grab success by the horns and don't let go.

This experience isn't just a door; it's the battering ram to your transformation, your chance to go from being just a beautypreneur BTC™ to ascending as the uncompromising CEO of the beauty industry.

It's time to halt the endless contemplation and start the journey to becoming the very best version of yourself. Transform those elusive dreams into concrete, sweat-and-steel reality. YOU are the author of your narrative, and all you need are the essential ingredients to craft it. And that's precisely what we're here to do in this incubator – empower you to seize your destiny and script your own epic tale.

"This was one of the best eye openers for me as a stylist who really cares about the people I service. I am so comfortable with having conversations with clients who I feel need further assistance than I can give. I am more equipped with information to have that hard conversation and also recognize when it is beyond my expertise. That workbook is the best reference for me, anytime I need a refresher it is my go to. You definitely exceeded my expectations. I have had conversations with the Trichologist in my area and the words she speaks don't sound so foreign anymore, and I have a much better understanding... This was a game changer for me. Thank you again for providing the content you do because it is needed WORLDWIDE." 

- Keisha Mobley, Hairstylist

iD Hair Loss BTC™ is an exclusive gathering of licensed cosmetologists and barbers, all eager to learn from the beauty industry thought leaders and renowned experts.

This information-packed 5-day experience will advance your career and truly help your clients who are suffering from hair and scalp maladies. The knowledge you’ll get from this event will set you apart from other beautypreneurs in your community and allow you to serve your clients on a deeper, holistic level. You’ll quickly build a reputation as the hair loss expert to talk to when in need, and this will reflect on your income as well.

In this incubator you will learn:

Trichology Essentials: Unlocking the Fundamentals

Prepare to embark on a journey back to the very core of your expertise – the roots, where it all begins. In the world of trichology, we're not solely teaching; we're igniting a revolution - trichology is the NEW cosmetology. We're arming you with the foundational knowledge that doesn't just skim the surface; it plunges headfirst into the heart of hair and scalp health, exploring how physiology connects to the integumentary system.

This is the battleground where the one-size-fits-all solutions crumble and fade into obscurity. 

We're ushering in a new era, where mediocrity has no place. Say your farewells to those antiquated, off-the-shelf approaches that have, for far too long, restrained your true potential. Those shampoos and conditioners in the back bar, the oils, and other superficial topicals you once relied on? Well, let's be real - your clients' challenges have evolved beyond the scope of these conventional solutions. The beauty industry demands innovation and personalization. It's not a suggestion; it's a mandate. You're not just a cosmetologist or barber but you're the unapologetic hair loss first responder. Your mission? To craft tailored, all-encompassing solutions that boldly cater to the distinctive demands of every client who places their trust in your hands. 

Your arsenal of knowledge is about to become an unstoppable force, setting you apart as a true industry leader. We're rewriting the rules, tearing down the boundaries, and reshaping the very essence of what it means to be a master in this field. 

Physiology Mapping: Unveiling the Body's Secrets

Prepare to dive deep into the intricacies of physiology mapping. This isn't just about reading the signs from the scalp and hair; it's about becoming a detective of the body's intricate systems. Through this art, you'll uncover the hidden deficiencies and diseases that often lurk in the shadows, driving hair loss and scalp issues.

You're not just deciphering surface clues; you're delving into the very essence of health and well-being. It's a journey of discovery that will empower you to bring about profound transformations in the lives of your clients. This is education with an edge, and it's your path to becoming a trichological mastermind.

Scalp and Hair Fiber Mapping: Unleash the Power of the Trichoscope

Embrace the trichoscope, a game-changing tool that will revolutionize your perspective from behind the chair. It's your new lens, unveiling what your naked eye as a hairstylist or barber can't perceive.

This isn't just a tool; it's your superpower. With the trichoscope, you can detect maladies with the swiftness of an eagle in pursuit. Early detection becomes your superpower. No more reacting to hair loss when it's too late – you'll be preventing it in its tracks. Get ready to turbocharge your expertise and become the master of foresight and proactive solutions.

"Hey Ky! Just wanted to give a SHOUT OUT to you and express my gratitude for the Awesome knowledge that I received for RYR "Identifying Hair loss Behind The Chair™". I've already started implementing what I've learned and loving the results. My motto is that I teach what I know until what I know catches up with me. Catching up requires continuing education and the education that I received from you has been phenomenal. Thank you for being so open to sharing your knowledge." 

- Demetria Hayden, Hairstylist

Mastering Alopecia and Scalp Maladies: Deciphering the Blueprint

It's not just about recognizing hair thinning, loss, and scalp maladies; it's about reading the intricate code they represent. These aren't just issues; they're the clues that unlock the secrets hidden within the cells, tissues, and organs of the body. They serve as the foundation upon which you construct a strategic plan for recovery.

It's about understanding the language of the body's signals. This is your opportunity to become a relentless detective, decoding deficiencies, and forging a comprehensive roadmap to restoration.

It's time to elevate your expertise to a level where you're not just addressing symptoms; you're deciphering the blueprint of health and beauty itself. This is the moment you transform from a hairstylist and barber into a hair loss first responder.

Mastering Natural Hair Care

Natural hairstyles, such as Sisterlocks and traditional locks, are a powerful trend that can truly elevate your expertise. But here's the deal, it's not one-size-fits-all. It's a craft that demands mastery.

In this incubator, you'll delve into the intricate terrain of natural hairstyles, equipped with the skill to decipher the complexities. You'll gain the insights to detect hair loss, thinning, and scalp maladies, distinguishing the ideal candidates from those for whom these styles could prove disastrous. The wrong candidate paired with these hairstyles can trigger a hair crisis rather than a style statement which is why mastering this segment is not just important but absolutely crucial for your journey to becoming a formidable natural hair stylist.

Financial Dominance: Tapping into Your Earning Power

It's time to up your financial game, and we're not just talking about getting better at hairstyling; we're talking about a complete financial overhaul. We're here to guide you in seamlessly integrating trichology into your services, creating multiple streams of income. It's about mastering the art of financial growth and long-term prosperity.

This isn't just about making money; it's about preserving it, nurturing it, and watching it flourish. From building business credit to growing your enterprise and safeguarding your intellectual property, we're covering it all. It's time to become the architect of your own financial empire.

Stimulate your own economic powerhouse, learn how to supercharge your revenue without adding endless hours to your workday. Identify and eliminate services that are undermining your profitability, paving the way for financial freedom and peace of mind in your business. This is where you implement battle-tested strategies and techniques to construct a beauty business that not only thrives but dominates its domain. 

“I've been praying and fasting! You have given life through your videos! I'm in the process of unlearning to relearn the correct way, when it comes to my career. I'll say that I'm a healthy hair stylist but after watching you I have a whole new outlook on where my career is going to GO! I have things to do and things to learn. I want to applaud you so much for sharing your videos and inspiring me to want to do better. I was stuck there for a minute with a bachelor's degree and an instructor's license, and didn't understand why I kept going with education, but it's like I see now why. You made it plain and simple.” 

- Shuroya Ray- Hairstylist

Crafting Your Brand and Magnetizing Your Ideal Clientele

Establishing a personal brand is a process that begins long before one ventures into business; it is an intrinsic part of one's identity. It encompasses a person's beliefs, thoughts, values, and experiences with both themselves and others. Whether consciously or unconsciously, individuals are constantly shaping their personal brand. 

Chris A. Bond specializes in guiding beauty entrepreneurs to develop distinctive personal business brands. In his lecture, Chris will impart insights into specialized branding strategies tailored for beauty professionals, emphasizing the importance of strategically introducing their skill sets into the marketplace. Niching down one's offerings is crucial for crafting a successful brand that resonates with the ideal clientele.

This is where you redefine your brand and build your client empire.

Vision Work: Creating Beauty Pioneers

Understanding the cyclical nature of life is fundamental for personal and professional success. Each phase of life can be likened to a season, and recognizing which season you're currently in is crucial. There are three main categories of seasons: past, present, and future. The key is to identify your current season and approach it with intentionality to achieve your goals within its timeframe.

Unfortunately, many individuals either dwell too much on past seasons or prematurely leap into the future. Micheline Barber, the visionary behind mpulse summit and mpbact beauty, will provide insights into the concept of pruning and pouring seasons. Pruning season involves purging and making space for new opportunities and growth, while pouring season occurs after completing the pruning process, where one is refined and ready to share their experiences and knowledge with others.

These seasons operate in cycles, yet often people attempt to pour when they should be focusing on pruning. Participants in Micheline Barber's session will actively engage in learning how to assess the seasons of their lives, particularly within the context of their careers as beauty professionals, in order to maximize their success. By understanding and embracing the current season, individuals can effectively navigate their journey towards personal and professional fulfillment.

Mind-Body Harmony: The Essence of Total Wellness

Total wellness entails achieving a harmonious balance both physiologically and psychologically. Dr. Joi K. Madison has extensively researched the intricate interplay between the mind and body, contributing significantly to humanity's understanding of the importance of mindfulness in shaping one's thoughts, which ultimately impacts cellular function. 

In her upcoming lecture, Dr. Joi will delve into the somatic nervous system's role in addressing trauma and enhancing overall wellbeing. Attendees will be guided to cultivate self-awareness, fostering emotional intelligence to facilitate positive transformations in their clientele. Recognizing that neurological health profoundly influences bodily function through electrical impulses, Dr. Madison underscores the integral relationship between mental and physical wellbeing.

This is where you redefine your brand and build your client empire.

The Emotional Gastronomy: Unraveling the Connection Between 

Food and Feelings

Tam Waters brings over a decade of licensed experience in the world of beauty. She has mastered the art of cosmetology, non-surgical hair replacement, and is a dedicated practitioner of hair loss solutions. Drawing upon her extensive expertise, she has developed comprehensive curricula designed to empower her peers in the beauty industry, equipping them to effectively support clients experiencing severe hair loss.

Non-surgical hair replacement (NSHR) offers a viable solution for clients, and Tam Waters' "Wiggin Out"™️ - No Cap  program is meticulously crafted to assist hair loss specialists and NSHR practitioners. This program provides a deep understanding of selecting the appropriate technique for each client's specific type of hair loss. By learning to identify various hair loss types, utilizing trichoscopes for an in-depth analysis of scalp conditions, and integrating this knowledge with NSHR fundamentals, professionals can distinguish themselves in the field, safeguard their clients, and deliver exceptional experiences.

From a business perspective, diversifying income streams is crucial in the beauty industry. NSHR presents opportunities for professionals to bill insurance companies and secure government contracts, enhancing the financial stability and growth potential of their businesses. Tam Waters' program equips beauty professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel both in client care and business development.

Beyond Credentials: The Power of Practical Application in Success

In the journey towards success, there are numerous paths one can take to reach their goals. However, it's not uncommon for individuals to become overly fixated on acquiring degrees, certifications, or further education without effectively applying the knowledge gained. This pursuit of continuous learning can sometimes result in a cycle where the acquisition of credentials becomes disconnected from practical application.

Maintaining the right mindset is crucial in safeguarding and leveraging one's progress as they advance from one level to the next. Life Coach Delnita Smith recognizes the importance of mindset in protecting and nurturing one's growth trajectory. Her upcoming session will offer valuable insights on how to cultivate a mindset that aligns with sustained progress and success.

By focusing on the practical application of knowledge and adopting a mindset geared towards utilizing acquired skills and insights, individuals can ensure that their pursuit of success remains purposeful and fulfilling. Delnita Smith's guidance will empower participants to navigate their journey with intentionality, effectively safeguarding their progress along the way.

The path to greatness begins with a profound transformation. Picture yourself as the CEO you're destined to be, not merely a disgruntled worker. At the iD Hair Loss BTC™, we encourage you to transcend your current limitations, redefine your role, and reposition yourself as a true industry leader. It's time to step into the CEO mindset and watch your career soar to new heights.

Your authenticity is your superpower. It's time to strip away the layers of conformity and embrace your true self. At this incubator, we're not just nurturing your skills; we're nurturing your authentic self, the core of your success. Step into the spotlight as the real you, and watch the world respond.

Pick The Brain Of The Leading Hair Loss Expert

This training has been created by Ky Smith, internationally known as Your Hair Loss Advocate.

Ky is the leading authority in hair and scalp disease, having owned one of the top trichology businesses in the industry. Her work is backed up by countless testimonies of clients who suffered from hair loss for years, until Ky managed to reverse the condition and give them the gift of healthy hair and restored confidence.

In the realm of international education and expertise, Ky, the visionary founder of the American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases, reveals the transformative art of physiology mapping. This skill enables you to decode the intricate language the body communicates through the hair.

With Ky's guidance, you'll gain the confidence to spot hair loss and become the first responder in combating this challenge. As a result, not only will your business flourish, but your bank account will also reap the rewards of your newly acquired expertise.

Your transformation begins now. This is the call to greatness. Secure your spot at the upcoming iD Hair Loss BTC™ live training in Houston, from Oct 19-23, 2024. Join us and become part of a community of change-makers who are poised to revolutionize the beauty and wellness industry. Don't let this life-altering opportunity pass you by. The future commences now, and it's overflowing with unlimited potential and possibilities. 

Are you ready to seize it?

"You are inspiring and influential!!! Had I not found your Instagram page I would not have gone forward with my education. Thank you for your contributions to my life and industry." 

- Miesha Edmond, Trichologist


Is iD Hair Loss BTC™ for me? 

If you're a student (you’ll need to show us proof of current enrollment), a licensed cosmetologist or barber (you’ll need to show us proof of state license) who desires to impact the lives of your clients by having a better understanding of hair and scalp maladies to address their needs, then this course is for you.

I'm already a Trichologist or a Hair Loss Practitioner, will I get any value?

What's most interesting about iD Hair Loss BTC™ is that Ky not only helps those starting out, but many of her Trichology peers seek her guidance due to the complex nature of the field.

The "magic" within Ky lies in the mastery of her core ability to make understanding Trichology as easy as 1-2-3. So even if you're already a practicing Trichologist or a Hair Loss Practitioner you'll benefit from the discoveries Ky has made, which you can adopt and use to grow your business.

How can I benefit from this training?

There are several Trichology courses within the beauty industry, but nothing compares to the knowledge you'll receive over 5 full days with Ky and her team. There isn't a product being pushed down your throats, just tons of information that will empower you to bring change into your clients lives, which in turn will change your life personally, professionally and financially. 

Not only that, but you will be in a virtual room surrounded with the most successful beautypreneurs in the industry. This is your opportunity to create relationships that will last a lifetime.

Is my ticket refundable or transferable?

Once purchased, monies are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Can anyone attend the event?

This event is limited to licensed individuals and students only. No spouses, children or other relatives will be permitted within the lecture areas.

What airport should I fly into?

You can fly into any of these two airports: George Bush (IAH) or William P.Hobby Airport (HOU).

When should I arrive for the event?

All the attendees are requested to arrive the day before the event i.e Oct 18th. 

When would I book the return transportation?

The return transportation to be booked no earlier than 9pm on the last day of the event i.e Oct 23rd.

Will the host provide accommodation?

The host will not be providing the accommodation. Attendees will receive the information about the hotel where they can book the accommodation on their end.

How long is the event per day?

The duration of the event is 12 hours per day [some days may be longer].

Will there be refreshments?

Only continental breakfast will be provided for the days of the event. Lunch and dinner needs to be taken care of on your end.

Is there a dress code?

Business casual attire for all 5 days.

Are you ready to give your career a makeover?

Register for iD Hair Loss BTC™ now and reserve your spot on this exclusive gathering of elite licensed cosmetologists and barbers. 

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